International Workshop on Innovative Algorithms for Big Data

September 17 - 18, 2015  (Just after JCDCG^2 2015, which will be also held in Kyoto on September 14-16)
Kyoto TERRSA HALL, Kyoto, Japan

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About the Conference

International Workshop on Innovative Algorithms for Big Data is intended to provide an international forum for researchers working in the areas of algorithm, data structure, and modeling for Big Data and Applications using them. All researches developing core technology, including (but not limited to) sublinear-time algorithm, sublinear-size data structure, sublinear-size modeling, for Big Data are welcome to attend the workshop.

Important Dates

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit a one-page (A4) abstract (in pdf format) to .

Invited Speakers

Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Yahoo Labs)
"Big Data or Right Data?"

Cyril Furtlehner (Université Paris-Sud )
"Direct and inverse pairwise MRF inference with cycle-based regions"

Chiou-Ting Candy Hsu (National Tsin Hua University)
"Revealing Smooth Structure of Visual Data by Permutation on Manifolds"

Ilan Newman (University of Haifa)
"property testing - the massively parametrised scenario"

Ileana Streinu (Smith College)
"Rigidity and flexibility of large molecular structures: mathematical and computational challenges"

Jinhui Xu (State University of New York at Buffalo)
"Several Geometric Algorithms for Bigdata"

Siu-Ming Yiu (University of Hong Kong)
"Security and computational challenges for genomic/health data"

(45min x 7 talks)


Program (ver. 2015.8.25)
Program (ver. 2015.9.12)
Detailed Program (ver. 2015.9.01)
Detailed Program (ver. 2015.9.12)


2,000 Japanese Yen. Cash only. On site.
(1,000 Japanese Yen for student.)

Registration (for Banquet)

The conference banquet will be held on September 17 at Kyoto TERRSA Restaurant
locating on the first floor of Kyoto TERRSA.

Make a registration for the Banquet at here by August 25. September 5, 2015
The banquet fee is 6,000 Japanese Yen.(including registration fee)
(The banquet fee is 5,000 Japanese Yen for student.)

Kyoto TERRSA Restaurant(Sorry in Japanese)



The conference will be held at Kyoto TERRSA which is about 1.2 km south of Kyoto Station.

Conference Chairs

Naoki Katoh
(Kwansei Gakuin University)
Tetsuo Shibuya
(University of Tokyo)
Kazuyuki Tanaka
(Tohoku University)

Program Committee

Yuya Higashikawa
(Chuo University)
Shun Kataoka
(Tohoku University; Co-chair)
Takuya Kida
(Hokkaido University)
Shin-ichi Nakano
(Gunma University)
Yushi Uno
(Osaka Prefecture University)
Muneki Yasuda
(Yamagata University; Co-chair)

Organizing Committee

Yuya Higashikawa
(Chuo University; Chair)
Shun Kataoka
(Tohoku University)
Takuya Kida
(Hokkaido University)
Shin-ichi Nakano
(Gunma University)
Yushi Uno
(Osaka Prefecture University)
Muneki Yasuda
(Yamagata University)



E-mail: nakano [atmark] cs [dot] gunma-u [dot] ac [dot] jp