+++ Computer Science Seminar in Kiryu +++


Wednesday, February 14, 2018
13:00—14:30 Seminar room B (the building no. 6),
 Kiryu campus, Gunma University

“CSI and CoCoWeb”

Professor Aart Middeldorp 

(Department of Computer Science, University of Innsbruck, Austria)


CSI is a strong automated confluence prover for rewrite systems which has
been in development since 2010. In this talk we report on recent extensions
that make CSI more powerful, secure, and useful. These extensions include
improved confluence criteria but also support for uniqueness of normal
forms. Most of the implemented techniques produce machine-readable proof
output that can be independently verified by an external tool, thus
increasing the trust in CSI. We also report on CSI-ho, a tool built on
the same framework and similar ideas as CSI that automatically checks
confluence of higher-order rewrite systems. The final part of the talk
will be about CoCoWeb, a convenient web interface for tools that
participate in the annual confluence competition.

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