+++ Computer Science Seminar in Kiryu +++


Thursday, July 30, 2015
15:00--16:30 in the media room (the building no. 6 of the map below),
Kiryu campus, Gunma University

"Gödel logics, Hyper Sequent Calculus, and Hyper Natural Deduction"

Prof. Preining Norbert (JAIST) 

In this talk we introduce Gödel logics, one of the few many-valued logics
with well-behaved (e.g., axiomatizable) first order logic, the
Hyper Sequent Calculus which provides an analytic sequent calculus
admitting cut-elimination, and Hyper Natural Deduction, an extension
of Gentzen's Natural Deduction for Intuitionistic Logic. We show that
Hyper Natural Deduction is sound and complete for Gödel Logic, and
discuss normalization for the new system.

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(Ken-etsu Fujita, Gunma University).