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49th TRS Meeting

25 -- 27 September 2018, Ikaho (Gunma)

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About TRS meeting

Term Rewriting Meeting (TRS Meeting) is a biannual informal workshop that aims at promoting the research on rewriting and related areas. Participants are requested to give a talk(s) of approximately 15 - 60 minutes in English on their research activities. See also Rewriting Researchers Forum for further information. We should like to invite all of you to the upcoming TRS Meeting at Ikaho, Gunma.



Registration Form of the 49th TRS meeting


Japanese style shared rooms are default, but several single are also available. If you prefer a single, let me know at your earliest convenience (* Now NO single roomes *). In the latter case, let me also know your roommate.

List of Participant

Programme (version: August 20, 2018)

Sept 25 (Tues), 2018

14:15 -- 16:50 (Chairman: Aart Middeldorp)

Sept 26 (Wed), 2018

9:30 -- 11:55 (Chairman: Takahito Aoto)


14:10 -- 16:45 (Chairman: Munehiro Iwami)

Sept 27 (Thur), 2018

9:30 -- 12:00 (Chairman: Nao Hirokawa)

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