Welcome to 24th TRS meeting in Matsue
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24th TRS Meeting

April 2nd - 4th, 2004, Shimane University

Aim and Scope

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and promote research in the field of rewriting and related areas. All participants are required to give a talk of approximately 15--60 minutes in English. We should like to invite all of you to the upcoming TRS meeting at Shimane University (Matsue).

Programme (version: April 2, 2004)

April 2 (FRI), 2004 :総合理工学部1号館 情報棟1F講義室

14:00 -- 16:45 (Chairman: Hitoshi Ohsaki)

April 3 (SAT), 2004 :総合理工学部1号館 情報棟1F講義室

10:00 -- 12:15 (Chairman: Keiichirou Kusakari)


13:30 -- 17:05 (Chairman: Takahito Aoto)

* 18:00 -- 20:00 Banquet: 魚一 (Uoichi)

April 4 (SUN), 2004


The banquet of the meeting will be held in the evening of April 3rd.

18:00--20:00 魚一 (Uoichi), tel: 0852-22-2935

Registration Form for the 24th TRS meeting

Please send back the above form to munehiro@cis.shimane-u.ac.jp by an e-mail.

List of Participants


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